CBVA Tournaments and Events


CBVA proudly organises tournaments throughout the year for our members and the Sydney Volleyball community.

The NSW State Volleyball Open is held every year at Coogee, attracting the best of the best of the region. We also organise an additional open tournament every year, with all moneys donated to the Cancer Council, four mixed pairs tourneys and a King and Queen Tournament.

The Alan Wilton Memorial State of Origin is held in September. It’s a 4×4 tournament, minimum of 2 girls and where all team members must share the same nationality.

We don’t organise social leagues, we are social everyday ! As a member, we just come every time we want, and pair up with whoever is free at the beach.

And the best of all, we organise 2 amazing mega parties: the Start of Season Fancy Dress Party in October and the End of Season Party in May. All of them free for our members, with complimentary finger food, live band, dance floor and DJ. No one can beat CBVA in our events 🙂

Tournament and Events Calendar: 

(Registration for tourneys will open 10 Days before the event’s date)

22/08/2020 Winter Mixed Tourney
19/09/2020 CBVA State of Origin 4×4
26/09/2020 Start of Season Party
10/10/2020 AVION – NSW State Open
07/11/2020 CBVA Spring Mixed Tourney
05/12/2020 CBVA Queen and King of the Beach
16/01/2021 CBVA B-have Tourney for B players
13/02/2021 CBVA Summer Mixed Tourney
20/03/2021  Cancer Council CBVA Open
17/04/2021 CBVA Autumn Mixed Tourney
15/05/2021 CBVA Mad Hatter Tourney
29/05/2021 CBVA End of Season Party

Announcement: All activities cancelled for coronavirus government recommendation

Best way to contact us is meeting us at the beach.

Although we play everyday, your best chance to find most of us is on weekends at the northern part of Coogee Beach.

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