We are pleased to announce our squad training will return for the coming season 2020/21.
This note is to inform you of trials that will be taking place soon:

  • Thursday 3rd of September: 7:00am to 8:00am (6:45am warm up) – Courts 1 and 2
  • Saturday, 5 th of September: 2:45pm to 4:00pm (2:30pm warm up) – Courts 4 and 5


  • Wednesday, 2 nd of September at 7:00 to 8:00am (6:45 warm up) – Courts 1 and 2
  • Saturday 5th of September at 4:00pm to 5:15pm (3:45pm warm up) – Courts 4 and 5

Given the current environment it is absolute essential that players express their interest prior to the trial so that we can ensure no more than 20 players per Court. We may allocate a Court to you prior to the trial to avoid crowding. The trials will follow CBVA’s Covid-19 guidelines. Each player attending needs to complete an expression of interest, please refer to “Next steps” below.

Squad requirements
Our expectation is that participants will commit to a season of training with the squad, and representing CBVA in tournaments.
● Local tournaments for A/AA/AAA players; and
● State and National level tournaments for AAA players.
The squad training commences at the end of September and will continue through to the end of March.
The squad training will be divided into two terms (but players will be expected to commit for the whole season):
● Term 1 – 28th September to 18th December (12 weeks)
● Term 2 – 11th January to 26th March (11 weeks)
Each squad will train twice a week. Squads times are still being finalised and will be published closer to the trials. At this stage, MAAA/WAAA, WAA/MAA and WA train once in the morning and once in the afternoon and MA twice in the afternoon due to coach availability.

What are the criteria?
1. Tournament results and participation – points collected from major tournaments (NBVA and up) from the last 3 seasons (dependent on the availability of data)
2. Commitment to training and tournaments – this program is designed as a competitive training program for the season and previous non-commitment to the quad objectives may exclude a player from selection.
3. Commitment to development – positive behaviours and mindset such as attending training,and consistent skill development.
4. Player potential – preference will be given to those players who exhibit potential to be developed into high-performing players in the future.
5. Current player level – preference will be given those who players who currently exhibit a high level of performance (demonstrated at trials or otherwise).
Each participant can request to be provided feedback in relation to the five criteria above.

How will squads be selected?
We are aiming to have 6-8 players per squad. The steps below outline the selection process:
1. Coaches will collectively make decisions about who to include in the squads using the criteria below as guidelines;
2. Independent representation will oversee this process to ensure there is reasonable discussion and valid consensus.
3. The initial selection of players will be reviewed by the independent representatives.
4. Initial offers will be made to selected players. Those who have not made the initial selection will also be notified at the same time.
There is an element of iteration to this process, in which case, the previous steps will take place.

What’s next?
Register your interest completing the Google form available HERE To be able to plan ahead and create a safe environment we ask that each player registers his/her interest by 5:00pm Sunday, 30 August 2020, and select the trial date. If we have too many people attend one trial, we may cut off sign up to the trial or may allocate you to a different date.
We’re still finalising some of the details, such as pricing, dates, court allocations, commitment expectations and coach details. This will be communicated to you shortly.

Please feel free to send us an email to coaching@cbva.org.au if you have any further questions.

See you at the beach,
CBVA Squad Committee