About CBVA

CBVA has more than 300 members from around the world. We are based at the beautiful Coogee Beach, with 2 Permanent Courts and the Council authorisation to set up additional portable nets at the northern part of the beach.

The club is affiliated to the State Volleyball NSW and the Australian Volleyball Federation.

We play social games every day, all year long. We just partner up with whoever is free at the beach. During daylight saving time courts are very crowded after work and on weekends. When daylight saving time ends, games during the week are organised with our whatsapp group, weekends are still very busy. We also organise monthly tourneys and coaching for beginners and advanced players

CBVA was founded by a group of players in 2008 and since then we get together at the Annual General Meeting in Winter to elect the members of the board and discuss past and future activities.

Our Mission & Vision


CBVA is committed to leading the growth of Beach Volleyball in Sydney


We provide a fun and relaxed environment to play beach volleyball for our members

We support exciting new opportunities for people to enjoy beach volleyball

We are ethically driven and we respect the diverse communites

Our image is recongnised and respected by stakeholders

Our Values

MATESHIP: Encourage friendship, respect and honesty

FUN: Organising games, social activities, competitions and events

HEALTH: Supporting a healthy and active lifestyle

PERFORMANCE: Volleyball skills continuous improvement 

CBVA History

1994-2006  : There were a few groups of beachgoers that practiced beach volley during the week at Coogee beach.  From time to time Beach Inspectors confronted players to ask them to stop playing , as Randwick Council required public liability insurance to be authorised to play. Marcos Molina organised the group known as “Friends of Coogee Beach Volleyball”.
2006-2008: After lots of altercations with the beach inspectors, a group of players composed by old time players at Coogee Beach (Marcos Molina, Peppi Zagami, Alan Wilton and Robert Trzebski) and newbies (Marco Viglietta, Arnaud Motreff and Hernan Terrazzino) started the activities to establish Coogee Beach Volleyball Association, creating the first constitution, web-page and member list.
2008: CBVA is officially established and joins State Volleyball NSW to be covered by their Public Liability Insurance. The first AGM was held on 24th May 2008
2013:  The original agreement with Randwick Council allowed the Association to use only 2 courts, after many negotiations with Council a lease contract for the beach area was signed to officially allow the club to use 5 courts.

2016: After requesting permission to set up permanent posts since the inception of the Association, Randwick Council finally approved the request for 2 permanent posts. The club had less than 100 members.

2017: A request for storage was approved by Council at a Council Meeting where 50 of our members assisted to support the petition.

2018: The club continues to grow, reaching 300 members, starting Junior Program and the Squad Program.









CBVA Life Members

To acknowledge the dedicated and selfless contribution of persons who have provided extensive years of distinguished volunteer service to our Club:

2018 – Marcos Molina

2019 – Blake Bentley

2021 – Hernan Terrazzino